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disaster in japan. here is what is happening right now. a massive earthquake has hit northern japan, triggering a huge tsunami that devastated hundreds of miles of coastline. the earthquake measured 8.9 on the richter scale, one of the largest ever reported. the tremor sparked at least 80 fires. beyond japan, tsunami warnings not cover almost all of the pacific rim, from russia to south america. >> the earth and the ocean turned against japan on friday. a massive earthquake hit the country and triggered a tsunami that has devastated much of the country's northeastern shore line. police say more than 300 people have died, most of them in sendai, the city worsted. 500 people are missing. japan's prime minister has declared a nuclear emergency after the cooling system at a nuclear plant failed to people have been ordered to evacuate the area. but authorities in a radiation has been released. a tsunami warnings remain in effect for most of the pacific coastline of or to california. we begin with the latest from japan. >> even as further earthquakes shake japan, the initial cleanup has b
missing japanese are returning to japan. >>> among the 28 japanese who remain unaccounted for in christchurch are a number of nurses. they were studying english there. why are japanese nurses going a abroad to study and work? nhk world found out. >> reporter: nhk world found out. >> reporter: noriko is one of the missing japanese who left for christchurch in january. after working as a nurse in japan for about seven years, she went overseas in the hope of acquiring english skills and becoming involved with international nursing activities. she had taken part in the activities of a nonprofit organization in cambodia. a doctor, who also was a teammate, praises her. >> translator: she's cheerful and positive about everything. i think she is an excellent nurse. >> reporter: her school offered english for nurses who wanted to work overseas. many japanese nurses were in the school in christchurch when it collapsed. this woman has been a nurse for six years. just like others, she wants to work in developing countries or a disaster site in the future. >> translator: i want to help
>>> welcome to nhk news world line. the u.s. embassy announced the head of japan affairs at the state department kevin maher has been fired. visiting u.s. assistant secretary of state kurt campbell, in facted him of the move on thursday in their talks on thursday. they say a former deputy chief will assume the post. maher reportedly told some college students in the u.s. last december that okinawans are masters of manipulation and extortion. he was referring to the relocation of a u.s. marines air space station in the southern most prefecture. in the talks with takeaki matsumoto, campbell said maher's comments are unacceptable and contrary to u.s. policy and its respect for the people of okinawa. >>> japan's two major stock exchange operators will explore the possibility of consolidating their businesses. the talks will be aimed at bolstering japan's standing in the world equity market, amid growing pressure for realignment in the industry. if they agree to integrate operations it will have a listing of 4,000 stocks, rivaling the world's leading forces. the two will likel
are watching "newsline" for 11:00 a.m. japan time. japan has announced new orders on food produced in fukushima prefecture where the troubled nuclear power plant is located. naoto kan said not to consume some vegetables in fukushima. radiation were detected high in some samples. the government is instructing the public not to consume spinach, cabbage, broccoli and some other vegetables produced in fukushima for the time being. readings were given for leaf vegetables produced in the prefecture. the health ministry says radioactive siusium was detected. i ordered a halt to shipments of radish produced in fukushima as well as raw milk and parsley in the neighboring prefecture ibaraki. this follows measures suspending shipment of vegetables . here to tell us more about the latest instructions on vegetables and the possible affects on the human body is hideki. >> the prime minister announced he's suspending the shipment and intake of vegetables s suspected to be contaminated with radiation. what is your reaction? >> vegetables are not contaminated have been found one after another. if people are
. the japanese government has to help 0 to fund the investment. japan's energy body. the brazilian mining firm has a huge share of the world niobium market. it is needed to make high grade steel plates for automobiles. ni ppo n steel has been getting its steel from the brazilian firm. a leading steel maker is planning to acquire 5% stake in the same mining firm. >>> the united states is hoping japan will join a transpacific free trade agreement. u.s. trade representative ron kirk spoke on wednesday at a trade symposium. >> japan's future will be as its past was and that is being a competitor in a robust, global environment but that meant japan was going to have to confront the challenge of opening its agricultural market. >> kirk praised japan's decision to join the tpp negotiations in an annual report issued this week. the office stated one of the goals for 2011 is substantial progress on the tpp. it is a u.s.-backed multilateral free trade agreement for the region. >>> negotiations are underway between the united states, australia and seven other countries. japan will decide whether to parti
>> hello and welcome to our special coverage of the latest events in japan. first what is happening at the moment -- a un's nuclear chief calls the situation after the stricken fukushima very worrying after a blast car radiation levels rose for a time. at the u.s. is sending more specialists to help deal with the threat. in the country's -- in the country, the northeast humanitarian crisis -- the government has appealed for calm as people in tokyo began to flee the city or stock up on the essential supplies. >> in japan, the un's the nuclear energy agency says the containment wall at one of the reactors at the fukushima power plant may have been breached after an explosion on monday. radiation levels rose after a fire and separate reactor blast. most of the people within 30 kilometers have been evacuated. those remaining are being urged to stay indoors. above normal radiation levels have been measured in tokyo, 250 kilometers to the south. >> it tuesday's fire in reactor no. 4 and damage from explosions at the other reactor blocks pose a potentially disastrous situation. reports say
office on thursday. the australiaens are visiting japan until wednesday on a trip sponsored by the japanese government. he said he felt deep remost and offered a heart felt apology for the tremendous suffering of so many people including australian pows. richards called it a historic event saying they are significant to the p.o.w.s. and their families. also said the government will begin preparations to deliver similar copies to other former australian p.o.w.s. over the weekend they are scheduled to visit sites where they were held during the war. >>> turning to our japan syndrome series, we look at the challenges created by this country's aging and declining population. some of those challenges are sparking business opportunities, nursing care for one is something many asian nations are focusing on. there's a reason behind this. the graph shows the percentage of people who are older than 65 in five asian countries them elderly population of thailand and china will reach 14% in 20 years. that means they will be considered so-called aged societies. at the same time, japan, si
at fukushima. i put that question earlier to a correspondent who joined us in north east japan. pitt -- " >> well, they are still trying to figure out what to do with contaminated water. the contamination levels exceed 3500 times the legal limit today. the president has been hospitalized in tokyo for fatigue and dizzy spells, and he was last seen in public the day after the tsunami, so it seems that there is some disorder within the country. also, we have been hearing about the car -- harsh conditions, some sleeping in stairwells and only getting two meals a day of crackers and, and now, they are be putting in a gymnasium about 10 kilometers away from that. it does not look like they will get this thing under control anytime soon. >> but was chris reporting from japan. and there is talk about the safety of exports being sent from japan. these products are sent around the world. it is uncertain how much radiation has leaked from the fukushima facility, and that has led many to ban food imports from the region, but they export much more than food. there are now many unanswered question
. >>> in japan, shipments of beer and related beverages increased for the second consecutive month. brewery's say the shipments total 377 mill litters. shipments of low-priced beer flavored drinks jumped 19% due to new product releases by breweries. this category of beer accounted for 39% of shipments for beer related beverages. looking in terms of total shipment e the proportion of regular beer fell to 44%. their shipments in the month dropped by 2.5%. the low malt felt by 16%. consumers remain budget conscious. >>> here's the latest market figures. . >>> officials in china are midway through the country's annual national people's congress, and we have been bringing you daily updates on the many different challenges the country faces. lisa comb ya has the latest on the congress from beijing. >> reporter: chinese legislator will express strong concern on thursday about the recent calls for pro democracy demonstrations. during the congress's sixth day, wu vowed to uphold the communist party political held system. >> the importance of sticking to the right policies is to maintain the country's basi
that at least one of the reactors at japan's fukushima power plant is leaking. officials have found plutonium around the plant, and highly radioactive water has been discovered for the first time outside the building. the tokyo electric power company, tepco, maintains it poses no health risk to humans. we have this report. >> plutonium has been found in five spots around fukushima, but tepco insists the levels are not harmful. >> the level detective is extremely small and will not affect human health. -- the level detected. >> they were trying to stay on top of the situation. now, a government representative is says that there may have been a partial meltdown inside reactor number two, this after water rose to more than 100,000 times its normal level over the weekend. they now have to pump out the contaminated water before they continue to work on reestablishing the cooling system. engineers can only spend a few minutes at a time in the reactor buildings due to the radiation levels. >> when you are inside, you are contaminated by radiation. i was exposed over five days. the longer you spend i
. >> i'm sarah kelly with the business news, welcome. our top stories at this hour -- in japan, the military has used wear from firefighters to cool reactors. the ieae says it has stabilized, but it could still worsen. the security council is voting on libya as the gaddafi forces push into rebel-held territory. the u.n.'s nuclear watch dog says efforts made by japan to cool reactor it's and fuel rods at the fukushima power plant have stabilized the situation but warning it could deteriorate. engineers have worked through the night to install a power line for water pumps needed to cool two reactors and a storage site for spent nuclear fuel rods. helicopters have also been dumping water on overheating reactors to stave off a meltdown. fire trucks have also joined in the effort. >> japan has been pinning a lot of its hopes on these trucks. they can get within 80 meters of the reactor. the trucks have repeatedly doused the pool with water as shown in this graphic from japanese tv. authorities were guarded about the operation's success. some reports say radiation levels have risen s
of libya must be protected. >> we stand by our great friend and ally japan in its time of need. >> the nuclear crisis in japan -- could it happen here? >> schering the life out of everybody. >> time to start thinking about the 2012 republican presidential nominee. what about the donald? >> have never been so serious as i am now. >> and march madness -- do you have your brackets? captioned by the national captioning institute it was a 10-nothing vote, and five abstentions. the u.n. authorized the use of all necessary measures to protect citizens in libya. here is susan rice, our u.n. ambassador. >> the security council has authorized the use of force, including enforcement of a no- fly zone, to protect civilians and civilian areas targeted by colonel gaddafi, his intelligence and security forces, and his mercenaries. >> after the u.n. vote, the foreign minister said that the country was declaring an immediate ceasefire and halting military operations. after that, oil prices dropped. meanwhile, the no-fly zone. what about gaddafi's text and artillery? is this t
recovery. >>> japan's current account surplus marked its first drop in nearly two months due to a jump in imports and soaring prices of crude oil and iron ore. the finance ministry set in a preliminary report on tuesday that the surplus for january totaled around $5.6 billion. that is a plunge of almost 48% from a year earlier. the trade deficit for january was $4.8 billion. the ministry said weaker exports during china's lunar new year holidays were another negative factor. this is the first time in two years that the trade balance has tipped into the red. the income balance, which includes returns on foreign investment, rose above 10%. the increase was due to improved earnings and overseas subsidiaries of japanese firms. >>> credit worries continue on heavily indebted european countries. this has led a u.s. credit rating agency to downgrade greek government bonds by three notches. moody's said on monday it lowered the rating of greek debt from the already below investment grade of b.a.-1 to b.-1. since running into a debt crisis last year, greece has been trying to turn around its fi
its decision. >>> the governments of japan and china are trying to repair their countries' tattered relations. high-ranking officials from both sides have agreed to work together to promote mutual trust and respect. things soured last september after a chinese trawler collided with japanese coast guard ships near the senkaku islands in the east china sea. japanese vice foreign minister ken-ichiro sas aechlt and chinese vice foreign minister zhang jijun met on monday in tokyo. it's the first time this kind of meeting has happened since june 2009. they agreed this year will be important because next year marks the 40th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic ties between their two nations. they also said their two governments would try to encourage harmony between their citizens. sasae reportedly told the chinese side the senkaku islands are an integral part of japan and there is no territorial issue between the two countries. it's also believed he proposed to resume stalled negotiations on the joint development of a gas field in the east china sea. zhang later told reporters t
in gaza after an upscale in mortar attacksn rent days. there is still radiation coming off of japan's fukushima power plant, but no one knows why. stm d smoke also continue to rise from the damaged reactor. no news today on whether efforts to cool the reactor and moving foar japanese authorities have begun testing for radiation in the seawater near the plant. meanwhile, the world health organization says the radiation levels measured in local produce are more serious than previously thought. >> were presumed i rctor 3 after a day -- a day after the smoke forced officials to suspend operations. it is now believed the smoke is from burning debris. >> it is difficult to get inside the burning reactor. wereanyzing the procedures and measuring the level of reactivity -- radioactivity to determine the cause of t smoke. >> engineers say power was restored to all six of the plant's reactors on tuesday. that is a key steptorearin the cooling systems and bringing temperatures down in the reactors. meanwhile, fear of contaminated odndluetg sales is spreading in tokyo. deliveries of milk and sp
with the pacific northwest, san francisco, and reed college. snyder now lives in kyoto, japan, where he is a student of zen. but for part of 1965, he was a lecturer in the english department at the university of california at berkeley. when asked to ad lib a biography, he gave his usual, direct answer. >> well, i'd have to tell the truth. i was born in san francisco, and, uh, at a very early age, i was moved to seattle, where i grew up on a small farm just north of seattle. uh, later, about 12, we moved to portland, oregon. i went to college in portland, oregon. uh, graduated from reed college. spent a little time at indiana university, and then came back to the bay area. i went here to berkeley in the oriental languages department for, uh, about three years, and then for the last eight years, i've almost constantly been living in japan. >> this guy says to me-- we're swimming in the cenote, those ocean pools that kind of-- and he, i told you, he said, "look, if an anaconda comes up to you, don't worry, because he'll catch your scent and turn away." and i said, "do you mind if i just go
." >> our top stories -- another day of violence as protest start across the middle east. a setback in japan as officials expect a breach at reactor three. the eu decides on a voluntary safety tactics on all nuclear reactors. >> in syria the government continues with a violent crackdown on opposition protests. people took to the streets of several cities where there are reports at least three were killed by pro-government demonstrators. in the main center of the protests, thousands attended funeral marches for those killed earlier in the week. >> thousands of demonstrators took to the streets after friday prayers. a scene repeated in several syrian cities. this video shows a rally in the capital of damascus, evidence that unrest is spreading. the syrian president pledged political reforms on friday but the protesters dismissed the measures as inadequate. hours later reports said police fired on protesters in the village killing at least 17 people. the aftermath is shown in this video released -- released through facebook. amateur videos posted online provide the only documentation of such ev
has been gathered from all over japan. they are doing the rounds of the evacuation shelter. experts say he has come from kushu. on this day the experts visited a setup and the high cool in fukushima city. every day new evacuees are arriving here. the examination for radiation per person takes one minute. special equipment is used to measure the amount of radiation adhering to the surface of the person's body. the doctor tells this child there is no problem with his health. if there are no problems in order to make the residents feel secure a card is issued telling them they are free of radiation. on this day nobody showed problems in the examination. so far, fukushima prefecture authorities have measured radiation levels of 57,000 residents. and so far, no one needed to be washed free of contamination. this mother said they were all right, but she was very worried about her child. the fear of invisible radiation weighs heavily evacuees already from the damage done by the quake and the tsunamis. this woman is asked what she wants to do the most now. she says that she wants to return
violins in st. mark's square in venice. i heard it in an elevator in japan. i've heard it-- i'm just struck when i hear it, and it's not--i have to tell you, i don't connect with it as me anymore. i mean, i did at one time, but it's become so much bigger than that. but the most beautiful time i ever heard it was last summer when my daughter was married, and she married somebody that john actually had the opportunity to get to know before he died. >> i wrote annie's song riding up in a ski lift one day when suddenly i was hypersensitive to how beautiful everything was. the sky was a blue you only see from mountaintops. then i became aware of the other people skiing, the colors of their clothes, the birds singing, the sound of the lift, the sibilant sound of the skiers going down the mountain. all of these things filled up my senses, and when i said this to myself, unbidden images came one after the other: the night in the forest, a walk in the rain, the mountains in springtime. all of the pictures merged, and then what i was left with was annie. that song was the embodiment of the lov
the details on the earthquake and to none in japan. we do not have a lot to add except that modern science and technology have enabled officials in hawaii and the west coast of the u.s. to warn residents well in advance. as always, the u.s. navy is ready to respond quickly to events in the pacific with humanitarian relief. beyond that, there is not much we can say at this point. the program is "inside wash.." it has been a long while since a congressional hearing has built up so much advanced + -- publicity, 7 negative. this was on home ground terrorism. ever since the announcement hearings, peter king had been accused of being a latter day joe mccarthy, but he refused to back down. >> to back them would be a craven surrender to political practice and an abdication of what i believe is the main responsibility of this committee, to protect america from a terrorist attack. >> by citing their violent actions to the entire community, you assigned collective blame to a whole group. this is the very heart of stereotyping and scapegoating. >> that is democratic congressman keith ellison of minnes
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